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Aiki Altmets

 I have seen Antoinette for about 5-6 years and she’s simply the best hands down. She always finds and corrects my pains and issues with ease. She also truly cares about doing the best job for you every time. Highly recommend. Once you visit with her, you will never want to visit another massage therapists again. If customers can’t find it, it doesn’t 

Becky Oppenheimer

 I have been using Antoinette as my massage therapist for about 20 years. I have had other massage therapists work on me, but no one has come close to giving the deep tissue work I need to get rid of my muscle aches and soreness. She is a true expert in her field. 

Lindsey Carroll

 Antionette is truly gifted in the touch of healing. She cares greatly about helping you. Having buldging discs in my neck and scoliosis, she really gets to the root of the pain. Seeing her on a regular basis helps me maintain my active lifestyle. I’d highly recommend seeing her! 

Dr. John Carman

 With my severe kyphoscoliosis treated with two Laminectomies/fusions at age 15, followed by a year in a full torso cast, and subsequently with opiates, muscle relaxers, epidural injections, physical therapy it is  seldom that I have a massage that stands so clearly above the thousands I’ve had by my current age of 73–as the one I just received from Antoinette.

This was absolutely superb!!!

Sarah Nelson

 I suffer from knee and back problems and Antoinette always makes me feel 100%. My monthly massages with her are everything something I won’t go without! 

Karl Hollenbacher

 Awesome experience! Very thorough and effective! Highly recommend! 


Dr. Susan

I have known Antoinette for more than 25 years.  She has been the most skilled, passionate massage therapist I have ever known.  Her deep belief of the good her work can do is second to none. Dr. Susan


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